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Hello and welcome to the Trillium Creek Dermatology blog. My name is Megan Heiby and I’m an RN here at Trillium Creek Dermatology. 

Halloween is a time for enjoying sweet treats and dressing up in your favorite costume. Don’t let the holiday “trick” you into bad skin, though. Inexpensive costume makeup and too many sweets and chocolate can aggravate acne, rosacea, and cause rashes. Before you apply that smokey black eye makeup or dip your hand in the candy bowl, check out our tips and tricks to protect your skin this Halloween. 

Buy Quality Makeup

It can be difficult to justify paying for quality makeup for a Halloween costume. However, keep in mind that less expensive makeup may contain ingredients that clog pores, irritate the skin, and cause a rash. Consider using powders or an organic face paint kit instead. These will allow your skin to breathe through your makeup and avoid suffocating your pores. My go to is the HH Science Mineral Makeup line because it doesn’t clog pores, is composed of organic minerals, and are also oil-free, meaning they do not support the growth of bacteria—making mineral makeup especially beneficial for patients with acne-prone skin. And because it does not contain sensitizers like perfumes and chemical dyes that may cause allergies, mineral makeup is considered gentle for sensitive skin types.

Prep Your Skin

Thoroughly moisturize your skin before you apply makeup. It will help your face stay fresh and hydrated, and will give your costume makeup a more polished look. I recommend my favorite HH Science Facial Moisturizer as it ideal for anyone who is not overly dry, but requires a light moisturizer. It can be used for those with acne or with dry skin.

Remove All Makeup Before Bed

No matter how exhausted the night leaves you, be sure to properly wash your face before heading to bed. Heavy makeup left on overnight can clog pores and cause a breakout. Sleeping in makeup also results in unnecessary exposure to free radicals that can break down healthy collagen and result in fine lines from the inflammation. I recommend the HH Science Revitalizing Cleanser as this cleanser gently removes oil, dirt, and make up. Green tea polyphenols combat redness while calming and soothing skin. Vitamins A, C, E and Coenzyme Q10 protect and nourish the skin.

Go For the Dark Chocolate

It’s a challenge to resist candy on Halloween. Luckily, there are some skin-friendly options available! Grab for the dark chocolate pieces, especially varieties with nuts as they provide some protein. Dark chocolate is better than jelly candies and even milk chocolate, which is higher in sugar, contains dairy and has been linked to acne.

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