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Children at every growth stage can be susceptible to certain viral infections. Despite having different causes, viral infections can be treated with rest and letting the infection run its course. However, your board-certified dermatologist can help your child manage symptoms and find relief from a viral infection’s effects on the skin.


Chickenpox is one of the most common infections in children aged 5-10. It’s caused by the highly contagious varicella-zoster virus. Typically, it causes an itchy rash all over the body, as well as symptoms like fever and pain. In most cases, it occurs 2 weeks after exposure to the virus – usually from other children. It can be managed with anti-itch medications and plenty of rest.

Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is caused by exposure to parvovirus B19. It typically manifests as a distinctive red facial rash on the cheeks. Additionally, it can cause typical viral infection symptoms like sore throat, fever, achiness, fatigue, and upset stomach. It can appear around 2 weeks after exposure.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

This mild infection is caused by the coxsackievirus that can spread through contact with surfaces or other infected children. As the name suggests, it manifests as a distinctive rash with sores on the hands, feet, and mouth. This infection is typically mild and clears within 10 days.


Warts are caused by a form of human papillomavirus that can infect cuts or lesions on the skin. It causes a non-cancerous growth that can be rough, itchy, and scaly. They’re common on the hands and feet, especially in children. They can be easily treated with removal by a board-certified dermatologist using techniques like cryotherapy, chemical solutions, or laser surgery. They can reoccur without re-treatment, so your board-certified dermatologist can discuss your child’s best options.

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