Although distinct from disorders of the skin, the hair and nails are similarly affected by infections, autoimmune disease, and even stress. If you’ve noticed a sudden change in the appearance of your hair or nails, or have discoloration or pain in your scalp or finger or toenails, you may feel self-conscious or stressed about the condition. Our dermatologists throughout Northeast Ohio can help resolve your issues with an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

Hair & Nail Disorders

Hair Loss & Diseases

Although more common in men, hair loss can occur for a number of environmental or genetic reasons. Hormone changes, illnesses, or certain hair products can all affect how hair grows, and how much of the scalp is covered. We provide prescription solutions for hair loss as well as medical treatment for hair and scalp disorders.

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Nail Diseases

Whether due to infection or injury, nail diseases can affect anyone, especially those who work in damp environments or who wear gloves or boots all day. Whether a nail condition causes discoloration or discomfort, we offer treatments as simple as antibiotic pills to minor surgery to correct issues like an ingrown toenail.

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