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ClearSense™ Overview

ClearSense™ is available as an option for patients experiencing little success with other available treatments. ClearSense™ technology heats the nail and the area around it with laser energy to kill the fungus. This leads to new growth of clear, healthy nails.

Treatment with ClearSense

ClearSense™ is a safe and comfortable treatment, and typically only takes 15-20 minutes for all ten toes. All toes that are involved with infections should be treated at the same time. Two treatments, one month apart, are recommended to give a high chance of permanently clearing the fungal infection.

Results from ClearSense

Toenails grow very slowly and it may take several months to see the new growth of the healthy nail to appear. If at six months the fungal infection is still present, a re-treatment may be needed and more care has to be directed at preventing a re-infection with fungus from the shoes or the skin on the feet.