Allergic reactions don’t just affect your sinuses and eyes, but also your skin. Allergic conditions manifest in different but similar ways, with redness and itching being common symptoms of many allergy-related conditions. While some of these conditions can go away on their own, if you want to know exactly what could be causing your hive breakouts or other condition, our dermatologists can help.

Allergy Conditions


People commonly know when they’ve been bitten by an insect due to the characteristic red raised bumps or patches of skin. If the symptoms of a bug bite don’t go away, it’s important to have it checked out by a dermatologist, who can tell you how best to treat the condition at the root cause.

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Red, raised, itchy patches of skin can appear seemingly out of nowhere nearly anywhere on the body. They can be caused by foods, stress, or allergens like pet dander and can last a short time or be persistent. Treatment is available for hives to reduce their appearance and soothe the symptoms of itchiness and a dermatologist can even tell you how to avoid the trigger of hives moving forward for potentially permanent relief.

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Contact Dermatitis

Although the term “allergy” causes most people to think of airborne allergens like pollen, allergic reactions can also be triggered by touching something you’re allergic to. This is called contact dermatitis, or as it’s sometimes called, contact eczema. The primary symptom is pain and redness, although other symptoms may be present. Treatment depends on the cause of the condition as well as lifestyle and work habits and environments.

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Some dermatological conditions aren’t visible on the surface of skin, yet cause unsatiable itching sensations. If you can’t stop itching with over-the-counter medications, our dermatologists can help diagnose and treat chronic itching with topical or oral medications.

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