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About Dry Skin

Encompassing a wide range of skin conditions dry skin presents with symptoms of redness, heat, swelling, and itchiness.

Itchy, scaly patches of dry skin can be uncomfortable and distressing for anybody who experiences them. Whether on the face or body, a dry skin rash requires treatment in the form of lotion or moisturizer to ease the condition.

Common in newborns and babies, dry skin can be readily treated. Dry skin causes may be classified as a form of eczema which is aggravated in adults by a range of other conditions such as acne, diabetes, or even pregnancy. Body areas often affected include eyelids, nose, ears, legs, and hands, as well as between the toes and on the feet.

Dandruff is a form of dryness of the scalp in adults and children and is known as Cradle Cap in infants. This is a common condition that is frequently very effectively treated at our clinic.

Because of the wide variation in factors and associated conditions that can lead to dry skin, it is wise to get a thorough examination so that treatment can be optimized. Your Trillium Creek Dermatology skin experts will determine the exact type of dry skin/eczema you have as well as its cause, providing you with a dry skin treatment program to suit your requirements and ease your discomfort. We are serving the following communities and those surrounding: Wooster, Wadsworth, Medina, Brunswick, Strongsville, and Hinkley.

Treatment for Dry Skin

Our skin experts may prescribe a number of treatments including moisturizers, topical steroids, oral steroids, or more advanced medications depending on the severity of your condition.

Treatment includes special creams and lotions for everyday use, including special eczema shampoo, soap, body wash, and face cream.

Your visit to Trillium Creek Dermatology will include an assessment of any factors that may be aggravating your skin condition. Our skin specialists will recommend simple but effective changes that you can make to minimize the chances of your eczema becoming a long-term chronic problem that adversely affects your life.

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Preventing Dry Skin

Although there are some factors you can’t control, like the weather and your genetics, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent dry skin from happening. Most obviously is to use a stronger, more rich moisturizer, although this may not benefit everyone depending on the cause of the dry skin. When it’s cold or dry outside, covering as much skin as possible help prevent moisture from evaporating to the harsh environment.

And if you find you get really dry skin after washing the dishes, for example, wearing rubber gloves when submerging your hands in water will keep the moisturizing skin oils from being rinsed away.

Schedule a Dry Skin Consultation

It’s normal to occasionally have dry, rough skin, but if you can’t find a good home remedy for the condition, or it’s becoming rough and calloused, you may benefit from a professional diagnosis and treatment from the dermatologists at Trillium Creek Dermatology. Our experts can examine the area and recommend a personalized treatment to get your skin back to the soft and smooth texture it should normally have.