Prep for the Holidays


The holidays are a time for ice skating, sipping peppermint lattes, and spending time at holiday parties with friends and family. Today we have a few items that you should have on your checklist to have done to get a little pick-me-up for all the holiday cheer!

Winter Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Did you know that winter is the best time to kick start a skincare regimen? Your skin is on a daily battle with harsh weather conditions. This could promote rosacea and eczema flare-ups and a lack of Vitamin C can contribute to skin problems throughout the winter months. Give your skin some TLC and let it glow this Christmas! A chemical peel is a great way to wake up new collagen in the skin. Chemical Peels are acidic solutions used to rejuvenate the surface of your skin. The solution acts on the outermost skin layers – causing them to disintegrate and be “peeled” away to reveal the underlying, unaffected skin. 

Schedule a HydraFacial

Getting a HydraFacial is a real luxury. Often in our busy lives, we don’t take time to pamper ourselves. A HydraFacial is a 30 to 45 minute treatment that clears your pores out, and puts hydration back into your skin with medical-grade serums. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness, events tone and texture, reduces large pores, all while hydrating and plumping the skin. The results last 5 to 7 days, and one treatment per month is recommended for improving dull, congested skin. 

Look Photo-Ready this Holiday with Botox!

Botox is a great way to look your best this holiday! We can have you in and out in 15 minutes, and it is practically painless and lasts just a few months. Botox works to block the nerve signals to the muscles so they are still. This means that the lines you are reinforcing from squinting and worrying will be smoothed over and become less deep. 

Laser Hair 

If you have a Caribbean Christmas vacation planned or are planning on wearing a beautiful new dress for New Years, there is no better time than the present for a laser hair treatment. Laser hair removal works with all skin tones and can treat most body parts, such as the legs, chest, underarms, bikini area and much more! A great alternative to waxing, shaving and hair removal, laser hair removal is the perfect way to enjoy silky smooth skin and eliminate unwanted hair. 

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