How is Juvéderm Ultra XC Different From Ultra Plus XC?


For some time, Juvéderm has become one of the most popular facial fillers. One reason it’s in high demand is due to the instant results and short recovery time. More people are choosing this over surgical procedures that take time to heal.

Juvéderm’s active ingredient in all its filler formulas is hyaluronic acid, a compound that is produced naturally by the skin. This substance helps with hydration and adds volume to the skin. This can be lost due to aging, sun overexposure, or smoking. However, if you were to do a search for Juvéderm and find all its many different formulations, you may walk away with more questions than answers. We’re here to clarify the differences between two popular formulas, Juvéderm Ultra XC and Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC.

How the Two Facial Fillers are Distinct

Both products give the skin a fuller look, the similarities pretty much end there. The Ultra XC formula has a thin consistency that is good for smoothing fine or moderate lines in the mid-facial area. It also contains lidocaine, making post-treatment pain minimal. Ultra XC can be injected into the lips as well, which distinguishes itself further from Ultra Plus.

The Ultra XC Plus formula is thicker than Ultra XC and better for those with deep facial creases. Individuals with noticeable lines near the mouth, mid or lower face benefit the most.

When you visit a Trillium Creek office, our board-certified dermatologists will advise you which option would deliver the best results. The Ultra XC formula is best for those who are new to receiving facial fillers or have a few fine lines. Most patients who use Ultra Plus XC have used Ultra XC in the past with success but want more volume. However, patients with a noticeable volume loss in the face and who never had a filler can still benefit from Ultra Plus XC injections.

Other Juvéderm Benefits

Juvéderm isn’t limited to being a wrinkle filler. Ultra XC can be used to contour, fill, or reshape lips for a more youthful look. Ultra Plus XC injections are also a temporary but non-invasive alternative to getting surgical cheek implants. Another reason why this procedure is so in-demand is office visits are less than an hour and have little recovery time.

While the results typically last about a year, some patients have gone up to 18 months before needing another injection. Each patient’s results will vary, depending on numerous factors. The Ultra Plus XC injections also last about a year but some patients may need a touch-up as early as the nine-month mark.

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