Embrace Summer with Confidence: How the MiraDry Procedure Provides a Lasting Solution for Hyperhidrosis


Summertime in Ohio brings the promise of warm, sunny days – perfect for enjoying long hours outdoors. However, for some, the increased temperatures can be daunting due to a condition called hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. 

At Trillium Creek Dermatology, we offer a permanent solution with MiraDry. You can finally enjoy a worry-free and sweat-free summer with this innovative treatment.  

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder where a person sweats uncontrollably, often at inconvenient times. It can be annoying and embarrassing for many. Luckily, we have a perfect hyperhidrosis treatment in Strongville, Ohio.

MiraDry Procedure: Your Key to a Sweat-free Summer

MiraDry is a non-invasive procedure that uses microwave energy to damage sweat glands located under your arms. This stops (or limits) sweat production. The energy also destroys the odor glands, so you don’t have to worry about covering up any odors with perfume or body spray. This safe and effective procedure is FDA-approved and performed in the office under local anesthesia (lidocaine shots). 

Who is a Good Candidate for MiraDry?

Good candidates for MiraDry are typically patients who:

  • Are tired of excessively sweating
  • Apply antiperspirant multiple times a day
  • Consistently sweating through clothes
  • Avoids certain activities or social events because of excessive sweating
  • Aren’t pregnant
  • Don’t have irritation or infection in the underarm area

Benefits of MiraDry

There are quite a few benefits of MiraDry, including the following:

  • Immediate Results: You will notice a significant reduction in sweat instantly post-procedure.
  • Long-lasting Impact: As the sweat glands do not regenerate, the results of MiraDry are permanent.
  • Boost in Confidence: You can now confidently go about your day without the embarrassment of underarm sweat stains. 
  • Minimal Downtime: The procedure is quick, and you can go back to your usual activities almost immediately. 

Summer Skincare Tips

Now that you have your sweating under control, you’ll want to ensure your skin is glowing and healthy this summer as well. Follow these tried and true tips for the best skin this summer:

  1. Hydrate: Keep your water bottle handy and up your fruit and vegetable intake. 
  2. Sunscreen: We cannot stress this enough – always apply sunscreen before stepping outside. It ensures your skin is healthy and protected and reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  3. Exfoliate: To get rid of dead skin cells, exfoliate gently once a week. This will help reduce acne breakouts, clogged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Moisturize: Use your favorite moisturizer to keep your skin supple and hydrated. At Trillium Creek Dermatology, we offer a variety of skincare products and services that can keep your skin looking happy and healthy all summer long.

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