Contact Dermatitis: What Causes Skin Allergies and How to Treat It


Contact dermatitis is a common condition, causing painful and itchy rashes on the skin that are difficult to resolve if you don’t identify the source of the problem. Thankfully, the dermatologists at Trillium Creek are experienced in treating skin allergies and contact dermatitis. If you’re unsure whether your condition is contact dermatitis, here are a few of the basics you should know.


What is Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is an immune response to certain irritants, and may be referred to as “skin allergies.” Typically, contact dermatitis results in a red and itchy rash on the skin, but may also cause hives or swelling. Contact dermatitis frequently affects the skin of the eyelids, hands, head, or neck, though the condition can be present virtually anywhere on the body.


What Causes Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is caused by an allergen or irritant touching your skin, triggering an inflammatory immune response. Irritants include chemical substances, such as a cleaning product that causes a harmful reaction. Allergens include any natural or synthetic substance which causes an allergic reaction, ranging from plants like poison ivy to fragrances or dyes in the household or cosmetic products. Other common allergens include cigarette smoke, pollen, chemical sprays, or certain fibers. These allergens can induce airborne contact dermatitis if they settle onto your skin from the air.


How Can Contact Dermatitis Be Treated?

Typically, contact dermatitis treatment begins by patch testing over 300 allergies. Once allergens are identified, you should remove the source of your allergen if possible. Rashes or other symptoms from contact dermatitis are usually treated with topical creams or ointments, including antihistamines, steroid creams, and moisturizers. You may also be prescribed tablets or pills to treat the allergy response, depending on severity.


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