Why It’s Best to Start Laser Hair Removal in the Winter

The traditional methods of removing unwanted body hair all share the same downfall: the hair always grows back. Shaving must be done every day or at least every few days. Depilatory creams must be reapplied once a week; they also smell and often cause skin irritation. Waxing lasts a bit longer, but it’s painful, and the cost of going to the spa every few months can add up over time. Why not choose a more permanent solution like laser hair removal? Winter is the best time to get started if you’re considering laser hair removal. Here are several reasons you shouldn’t wait for summer to schedule your laser hair removal in Northeast Ohio.

The Process Takes Time

You won’t have a smooth, hairless body by summer if you wait until April or May to start laser hair removal in the Cleveland area. Depending on the area of the body you’re treating and the amount of hair you’re starting with, the process can take several weeks to months. Because hair grows in cycles, it can’t be all be removed in a single sitting. Most people need between four and eight sessions for permanent results, and you typically must wait two to three weeks between sessions. That means you must start in the winter to finish it by summer.

The Sun Works Against You

Your summer tan may look great at the pool or the beach, but it makes laser hair removal more difficult. The lasers that remove your body hair rely on the contrast between your skin and hair color. The darker your hair and the lighter your skin, the better and faster the results. When your skin is tan from the sun, the contrast is lessened, and the laser isn’t as effective. This is one bright side, no pun intended, of Cleveland’s notoriously gray winter weather. You may look pasty for a few months, but this will help you get the sleek, hairless look you want by summer.

The sun can also be hazardous while recovering between laser sessions, as your skin is more susceptible to hyperpigmentation or other skin issues. If you start your treatments in the summer, you’ll need to stay out of the sun for about two weeks after each treatment.

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