What Is Microblading and how Long Does it Last?


These days, no makeup look is complete without well-defined eyebrows. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create perfect eyebrows every day. This is the main reason why microblading has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure for the eyebrows. The procedure uses a handheld tool with a sloped blade, which deposits pigment in the surface of the skin in a very precise manner. Unlike a tattoo, which deposits pigment deep within the dermis, microblading only affects the first layer of skin, much like a paper cut.

Thanks to the specialized tool, microblading creates fine, realistic strokes that mimic the pattern of natural eyebrow hair. A very skilled technician will be able to use these strokes to create a fuller eyebrow shape that will also flatter the patient’s facial structure.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Because microblading changes just the surface of the skin, its effects are temporary and fade over time. Depending on certain variables, such as the patient’s skin type and hair color, the effects of a single microblading procedure should last between 12-30 months.

Although semi-permanent, microbladed eyebrows will look their best when they’re maintained well. Most people opt to get their eyebrows touched up when they begin to fade noticeably. The typical timeline for touch-ups is every six months to a year. As a rule of thumb, microbladed brows that have just begun to fade require less touching up than ones that have faded significantly. Patients who wait too long between touch-ups may have to start over with a new microblading procedure.

Does Microblading Have Any Risks?

Fortunately, microblading is non-surgical and has minimal risks. There’s some expectation of pain and discomfort due to the nature of the procedure. The pain is usually tolerable with the help of some topical anesthetic.

Just like with any other scratch in the skin, it’s important to keep freshly microbladed eyebrows dry and undisturbed until they scab over and heal completely, which can take one to two weeks. Rarely, cuts from microblading can become infected. However, as long as they follow aftercare instructions, the majority of patients will heal completely and enjoy their new, full brows for many months to come.

Things to Avoid After Microblading

Typically, most patients will be instructed to avoid the following during the first 14 days post-treatment:

  • Touching eyebrows (except for washing and applying any aftercare treatments)
  • Applying makeup, lotions, or creams
  • Activities that result in excessive perspiration
  • Tanning or prolonged sun exposure

Consult an Expert

Microblading is relatively simple, but its results depend entirely on the expertise of the practitioner. If you are interested in microblading or have other questions regarding dermatology, contact the friendly professionals at Trillium Creek Dermatology located in Medina, Wooster, Brunswick, and Wadsworth, Ohio.

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