Treating Eczema in Children


Dry, red, and itchy skin, with no relief in sight! Skin conditions in adults can be irritation and uncomfortable; but in children, it can be both awful for them and stressful for parents!

About 20% of babies and young children will develop some form of eczema. Also known as dermatitis, this skin condition can be classified in a number of ways, but always includes some form of redness, swelling, and itchiness.

Types of Eczema

The various types of eczema can make diagnosis difficult. In order to provide the correct treatment, your skin experts at Trillium Creek Dermatology will determine the exact type of eczema your child has, as well as its cause. We may prescribe a number of treatments including moisturizer, topical steroids, oral steroids, and more advanced medications, depending on the severity of your child’s condition.

Early diagnosis and proper treatment are very important buy there are also things you can do every day to prevent flareups:

Establish a Routine

Establish a regular skin and body care routine. Eliminate all fragrance and heavily dyed soaps, detergents, etc. from your home. Unfortunately, that means no bubble baths either. All baths should be lukewarm and chemical-free and last between 5-10 minutes.

Pat Skin Dry

Always pat skin dry (do not rub) with a clean towel, washed with fragrance-free detergent.

Apply Moisturizer

If your child has prescription medication, post-bath is the best time to apply. You can then apply moisturizer on top of that. Petroleum jelly is an ideal option – it’s an inexpensive, fragrance-free moisturizer.

Create a Barrier

Teach your child to use medication to ease itching, not scratching. For babies, use cotton mittens to create a barrier between skin and nails. Keeps nails trimmed short as well.

Tagless Clothing

If you can find tagless clothing, opt for this option. Tags can rub and irritate sensitive skin. And always wash new clothes before wear, in a gentle, fragrance-free detergent.

Talk to Your Child About Eczema

Along with your child’s treatment plan and steps to prevent triggers, a little support in the area would be beneficial as well. Be sure to talk with your child, especially if school-aged, about this skin condition. It’s helpful for them to know that this condition is not contagious and is not their fault. There are also helpful support groups for parents and children, allowing children to meet others who may experience the same symptoms they do.

Keeping your child’s skin moisturized is extremely important when it comes to eczema. You should do this at least twice a day with both moisturizer and protective products to seal in moisture.

We recommend H&H Science Simply Bee Body Butter & Lotion Bar. They are handmade in Medina, OH with all-natural limited ingredients and no fragrance, dyes, etc.

Simply Bee – Body Butter
This multi-purpose cream soothes, nourishes, moisturizes and conditions the skin and body, providing comfort and restoring vitality.

Enriched with nourishing mango and cocoa butter, and almond oils that condition and moisturize and treat dry skin.

Simply Bee – Baby Soap
This handmade bar soap is made especially for infants and babies with only the finest all natural ingredients. Great for baby’s sensitive skin, its creamy lather will leave baby’s skin refreshed and cleansed, but never dry.

This delicate bar will soothe dry skin, treat eczema, and prevent rashes that can occur with traditional bar soaps.

Simply Bee – Lip Balm
This naturally organic lip balm is formulated with organic ingredients that are great for hydrating sensitive skin like lips. Beeswax is added to help protect and retain moisture in addition to vitamin-rich oils to create a simply nourishing and natural lip balm.

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