Leonard J. Torok, MD

Leonard J. Torok, MD, is the medical director of the Trillium Creek Laser Center. He is board-certified in Holistic and Homeopathic medicine, as well as in Orthopedic Surgery. He is also certified in Botox®/ Dysport® treatments. His extensive surgical training benefits our patients for in-office surgical procedures, including removal of moles, cysts, and growths.

After years of studying Holistic Medicine and Homeopathy, Dr. Torok gave up his successful Orthopedic practice to devote himself full-time to helping patients with natural and holistic therapies.

Dr. Torok’s background in Holistic Medicine is extensive, having completed training in traditional Chinese medicine, sound therapy, Neurotherapy, hypnosis, behavioral medicine, electrodermal screening, craniosacral therapy, somato emotional release, and advanced homeopathy.

His interest in natural healing began at Wadsworth Rittman Hospital. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Torok saw many patients with severe pain. When traditional therapies failed, Dr. Torok sent them to Dr. Pat Mok, an anesthesiologist on staff who also happened to be trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When acupuncture produced remarkable results, Dr. Torok became interested in discovering other non-traditional therapies that could truly help patients.

Dr. Torok has presented numerous lectures both to physicians and the public. Among his topics is The Philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine, Homeopathy in the Continuum of Subtle Energy, The Diagnosis and Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Introduction to Holistic Medicine, Losing Weight Naturally, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, Chinese Medicine: Ear Acupuncture and Gua Sha Therapy, The Tones of Tinnitus, and many more.

Dr. Torok’s unique standing as a traditional M.D. and a board-certified homeopathic practitioner enable him to recommend the correct homeopathic and holistic treatments to complement a patient’s dermatologic medical therapy. While traditional therapies seek to ease suffering caused by symptoms, natural healing works on a slower and steady basis to eventually eliminate the cause of the problem itself.

I have been getting facials done at Trillium Creek and absolutely love it! The staff is so kind and the results have been amazing!

Amanda P.

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Dr. Bryan Baillis and medical assistant, Tiffany, treated me wonderfully and let me know what to expect each step of my Mohs surgery. They…

David B.

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Very professional. Fast appointment, on time. Dr. Torok seemed to know what to treat my lips with, and I left feeling good!

Howard H.

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I have been a patient of Helen Torok for 30 plus years. The best dermatologist around helped me when others had no clue.

Kim W.

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Trillium Creek’s medical professionals have always treated me with respect and dignity. I appreciate their care.

Lisa T.

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This was my first visit with Trillium Creek, it was simply the best visit! Addressed all my concerns and very thorough! I will definitely…

Michelle A.

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Trillium Creek is amazing, love all the services!

Teresa C.

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Trillium Creek Dermatology has changed my life. After 25 years of living with extreme eczema breakouts, my allergies are to grass, pollen, and soap…

Zachary M.

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