New Year’s Resolutions to Make Now

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to remember that a ‘holiday detox’ is just around the corner. When you’re already suffering from the added stress, puffiness, acne and higher-than-usual sugar and alcohol intake, it’s important to start now and go into the holidays with choices that will be healthier for your body, rather than later.

Don’t Forget the Fitness

As the weather chills, people who regularly exercise outside might be more inclined to hit the gym or even worse – avoid working out as they don’t want to endure the cold commute. A great solution to the cold-weather fears? Workout at home! There are so many great apps out there, along with YouTube videos and easy at-home workouts readily available, there’s no excuse. Or, grab a friend who has an at-home gym and make a fun evening out of it by creating a workout together.

Don’t Miss Your ZZZs

When you miss out on precious sleep, you become hungrier and will have a lack of energy through the day. You may also hold onto excess water and weight. Make the conscious choice every night to make sure you get that extra hour of sleep before or after a holiday party to ensure you are rested enough.

Skincare + Beauty

Your skin, of course, is the ultimate palette for showing signs of stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and overindulging. In addition to continuing a fitness routine and getting enough rest, pay attention to your skin care routine. If your skin has become more dry and irritated, try switching to a heavier moisturizer, or invest in a humidifier to add moisture back into your skin. For weather-related problems, call us at Trillium Creek Dermatology to combat seasonal changes before they occur. 

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