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, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!It’s the most wonderful time of the year … maybe. For some parents, the holiday season can be challenging. With children finishing up their last few weeks of school, your college kid coming home, this can bring time to assess skin problems.

At Trillium Creek, we see all pediatric skin problems by our staff that is highly trained to diagnose and treat babies, children and teens with a range of skin, hair and nail conditions. Our younger patients present with a variety of skin complaints, from acne, eczema and warts to more complex genetic skin disorders.

, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!Same Day Appointments

If your child experiences an unusual rash, diaper rash, cold sore, hives or itching or a skin disorder needing immediate attention, at Trillium Creek Dermatology, we offer same day appointments. Get your child seen quickly, diagnosed accurately, and heal faster.

Telemedicine is a great option at Trillium Creek Dermatology if …

, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!

You’re traveling. If a health issue strikes when you’re on vacation your kids are at grandma’s house and you don’t know any providers in town, our skin care experts at Trillium Creek are available for a virtual visit.



, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!You can’t get a babysitter. You need to see a dermatologist but you know your children will not be the best at the doctor’s office. Queue up the computer!





, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!The weather outside is frightful. Hunkered down for a blizzard? Winds howling? It doesn’t matter what the weather is when you take advantage of a virtual visit from the comfort of your home.




, Home for the Holidays: Get Your Kids In Quick!You know what the problem is and just need a prescription. For example, kids seem to get cold sores all the time, and when that’s the case, a trip to the doctor seems like a waste of time. With a virtual visit at Trillium Creek Dermatology, you can get the prescription your child needs sent to the pharmacy without the trip.

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