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We pride ourselves on innovation and bringing our patients and clients the latest and most advanced treatment in medical care and aesthetics. Our integrated care centers offer exclusive combinations of treatments for a wide range of skin conditions and elective cosmetic procedures.

Breaking News!
Dr. Helen Torok will be a part of a national TV campaign promoting DermMend. View the commercial now!

What Are You Eating?
What are you eating? We live in a diet conscious culture. We are familiar with low fat, low sodium,...
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Kids Sun Safety
Sunny days are brimming on the horizon, awakening us Northerners from a cold winter’s frost....
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Dr. Leonard Torok Speaking on a Holistic Approach To Body Shaping
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Catch Skin Cancers Early with Full Body Checks: Aaron Funk's Personal Story
Hello, my name is Aaron Funk and I am the General Manager at Trillium Creek Dermatology and Surgery...
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