Xtrac for Psoriasis



Hello, my name is Sarah Michalak, and I’m a physician assistant at Trillium Creek Dermatology.

It is national psoriasis awareness month, and part of that, we want to educate patients on one of our less-conventional or less well-known treatment option out there for psoriasisXtrac Therapy.

What is Xtrac Therapy?

It is a laser treatment that we use for psoriasis. It goes over the plaque that uses a highly concentrated form of Ultraviolet B light. UVB light is the same light waves that are emitted from the sun, so it’s something that we as humans commonly experience in our lives, every single day. It is the reason we get a sunburn, the reason we get a suntan, and this laser specifically uses this form of light.

What to Expect

As a patient, you can expect your experience to be start by being greeted by one of our trained cosmetic RNs. They will be the ones administering the treatment. They’ll have you come in, and look specifically at your plaque, and identify an appropriate starting dose for you and tailor that dose, based on how the plaque responds.

This is a laser treatment that uses that high dose of UVB light. It is just light that focuses on the plaque. It is a painless treatment option. Some patients may experience a little bit of warmth from the treatment, but there is no downtime. Sometimes a mild sunburn-like reaction may follow the treatment, but overall it is very well tolerated.

You can expect to have the Xtrac therapy done up to two times per week. Generally, it takes about three to four treatments for patients to start to notice some type of improvement. At about treatment ten or twenty, is when patients start to notice significant and dramatic improvement in their plaques; sometimes even full clearance at that point. Results may vary from patient to patient.

Benefits of Xtrac

The Xtrac treatment is a great alternative for patients that have maybe tried and failed some of the more classic treatments for psoriasis, or for patients who just do not feel comfortable doing some of the other types of treatments. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable taking an oral medication or doing an injectable medication, or sometimes if you are not a candidate for those medications because of reasons like side effects, previous morbidities or cancers, the Xtrac therapy is a great alternative for these types of patients.

It is a very quick, with treatment lasting five to ten minutes or less. It is also painless and really well tolerated. It is safe for pregnant females or for nursing mothers. So, if you don’t feel comfortable being on some of the more conventional treatment options, this is a really good alternative.

If you have any questions or concerns, if you think you have psoriasis, if you want to talk further about Xtrac therapy, or any other therapies regarding psoriasis, any of our skin care experts at Trillium Creek Dermatology would be happy to see you.

We have online scheduling available 24/7, and if you do not feel comfortable yet coming into the office, we also have the option to do virtual visits, where we can still see you face-to-face, but you don’t have to be physically in the office.



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