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The Vital Force: Overview

When homeopathy first evolved in the 18th century, the Vital Force was a more readily accepted concept as being a primal force determining a person’s state of health. Dr. Hahnemann in his Organon of homeopathic medicine described it as a dynamic, immaterial, spirit-like force that embodies the essence of life and all of its metabolic and functional activities. The Vital Force is a very important organizing force of life that directs your evolution towards reaching your full potential. 

The Vital Force is a purely energetic and immaterial entity. It has recognizable characteristics that tell you of its presence but it cannot be localized within the physical body.

, The Vital Force

The dynamic nature of the Vital Force allows it to respond in a holistic way instantaneously to all factors influencing a person. All your parts and all functions are equally assessed and influenced by the Vital Force. Though the Vital Force is immaterial, its actions are expressed and observable in an individual both as a whole and in all of their individual parts. These represent the signs and symptoms available to practitioners in guiding their assessment and treatment. The homeopathic physician makes a different assessment of signs and symptoms than might be made in allopathic medicine due to the awareness of the Vital Force.

Examples of digestion and breathing are used to demonstrate the presence, the capabilities, and the functioning of the Vital Force. These examples demonstrate the Vital Force’s place in the hierarchy of influences that determine both our health and our life experience. These examples serve to contrast the Vital Force with the conscious mind. Both systems influence how we think, how we act, and the consequences these thoughts and actions have on our physical body.

A key concept is that the Vital Force will only create a response to what you experience in life that is ideal for your state of health, your health history, your health potential and your life challenges. The Vital Force maintains balance in your health. The Vital Force prioritizes your response to stress both when life’s stresses do not exceed your strength and also when a challenge exceeds your capabilities or experience by creating the perfect symptoms of a disease state.

Vital Force Examples

Example 1: Digestion

The first example of normal digestion brings into focus the enormous capabilities the Vital Force has in responding to each event we experience. Once we make a decision to eat a meal, your Vital Force controls the process of digestion that breaks down each bite of food into small, individual particles. It does this through a process of creating just the right chemicals to break down the food, but yet it spares the digestive track itself from the process of digestion. Even though some foods may be quite similar in their nature to the digestive track, only the food is digested.

Once digestion is complete, an assessment of each food particle is made. Those particles that are useful are taken into the body and all those particles that are not useful are left to pass through. Those particles taken in become the substances of which you are made. In any one meal, the number of decisions made about individual particles is a quite large number but this process is completed with each meal with good accuracy.

As the useful food particles enter into the physical body, their usefulness is directed to specific metabolic pathways that are equally efficient in making immediate use of some and saving others for later use. The specificity and efficiency of the digestive process is quite amazing. It does all that is needed and no more. It even controls the internal environment of the GI tract to take use of the efforts of symbiotic bacteria to spare you the need to do the part of the digestive process that the bacteria can do for you.

Example 2: Breathing

, The Vital Force

The second example of your process of breathing helps to draw a contrast between the Vital Force and your conscious mind as they each contribute to your state of health or disease.

If you take the number of times you breathe in a minute and multiply it by the number of minutes in a day, it multiplies out to you taking around 20,000 breaths each day. Each one of those 20,000 breaths miraculously comes at the right time and in the right volume to maintain the gases in your lungs at the ideal concentration for health.

Your breathing function continues without needing any contribution from your conscious mind. The Vital Force adapts your rate of breathing to the current needs of the body for oxygen. The Vital Force also controls the process of delivering oxygen to every one of your trillions of cells in exactly the right amount and at the right time. The Vital Force also removes the carbon dioxide gas from each cell as needed. All this control is accomplished outside of the thought processes of your conscious mind.

Actually, the main way you can disorder the ideal breathing process is with your mind. Your mind could make a decision to stop breathing or hold your breath. If you have ever seen an obstinate child hold his breath, you know it doesn’t work for long. The Vital Force will overpower the mind and force him to breathe or have him pass out and resume breathing. The Vital Force will take over and adjust the rate of breathing to correct for the error imposed by the mind.

Similarly, if a person has an anxiety attack they may hyperventilate or just decide that breathing is good for the body and breathe too deeply and too fast. This decision of the mind is again not creating the ideal state of health and the Vital Force will soon enough bring about a corrective action and bring the rate of breathing back into a healthy state.

You can trust your Vital Force to always be there to optimize your state of health. It is always available to us to control all physical and mental-emotional functions in an ideal manner. The actions of the Vital Force stands in contrast to the conscious mind whose thoughts and actions can either benefit or harm your health.

The other principles of homeopathic medicine will complement this section to help you understand why you have the symptoms of health or disease that you do at any time.