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The experience of healing using homeopathic remedies adds a different dimension to understanding how healing occurs, why it occurs, and who or what make various contributions to the healing process.

The first question we will look at is why is healing needed. We will review the process of healing with the emphasis being on seeing healing as changing your state from one of susceptibility to a state of resistance.

I will use a typical case of chickenpox to illustrate the steps in the healing process. The point to grasp is the changing balance of power between the power that you have over what you experience in life versus the power life has over you.

Why Healing Is Needed

The need to heal arises when you encounter something in life which has greater power than your power to resist it. When this happens, the outside force will have the ability to impose upon you its influence. You are limited in the ways you are able to respond to this external force. It is this relative weakness or unfavorable balance of power that triggers your need to heal.

When the healing process has been successfully completed, a new balance of power will result. In this new balance of power, you have gained strength in a specific manner to resist or overpower a similar attack in the future. Subsequently, when you encounter a similar challenge from without, you now have the power to easily resist its influence.

This healing process is generalized to all challenges from outside of you, but the easy example of chickenpox can illustrate the steps in the process. It is easy to see the change from a state of susceptibility to a state of resistance and the transformation to a state of power from a state of limitation.

We can say of anyone who had chickenpox that, by definition, they came into life with a state of susceptibility relative to the varicella virus that causes chickenpox. But when they first entered life, they just existed in this susceptible state. They did not exhibit the symptoms of chickenpox until they came into contact with someone who was carrying the chickenpox virus.

When our susceptible person contacts the virus, he then recognizes this virus as something he was susceptible to. This level of recognition is outside of the conscious mind and is recognized at the level of the Vital Force. Once the Vital Force recognizes this state of relative weakness, it dictates a response. The response to the virus is expressed through various organ systems such as the immune system. This response is what we see as the symptom complex that we call chickenpox. The typical response includes fever, tiredness, muscle aches, and chickenpox lesions on the skin. These symptoms are actually the perfect symptoms to accomplish the purpose of healing.

The chickenpox symptoms represent the process of healing. The purpose of the symptoms is healing. During the process of producing symptoms, the goal of healing is accomplished. The goal of the healing process is one of strengthening, gaining a state of resistance, or evolving to a new higher state of being.

In this new state of resistance, the varicella virus will never again have any power over you. It cannot force you into having to suffer the symptoms of chickenpox again. Any time in the future that you encounter this virus, you have the freedom to go about life as you choose. The virus is now unable to impose any limitations on this freedom.

Your thinking mind did not know that you had encountered a virus which you were susceptible to or what were the perfect symptoms to produce to accomplish this evolutionary transformation to a state of enhanced freedom or health. The Vital Force is in charge of this process.

The Role of The Vital Force In Healing

The homeopaths choose to call the level that directs health the Vital Force. Since your symptoms were actually the perfect ones to transform your original state of susceptibility into one of resistance, it is logical that a homeopathic remedy that has the ability to cause the very same set of symptoms will work in concert with the actions of the Vital Force.

Therefore, the appropriate remedy can add to and speed the healing process. The homeopathic remedy will also not cause any side effects as it is working with the higher intentions of the Vital Force. The remedy will not be reacted to by the Vital Force in any way other than healing.

, Symptoms & Healing

Those factors that limit your enjoyment of life will trigger the need for the transformation of healing. Symptoms represent the mechanism given to us to realize the potential we have. Your potential is greater than the current reality you are experiencing. This system has not been designed or created by you but we do have the ability to recognize its processes and choose to work with them or not. You have the free will to make any choice you wish. Presenting this alternative information is about being better informed when making your choices.

So, according to the homeopathic philosophy of disease what could a disease represent? The presence at any time of symptoms or disease indicates that you have encountered something you are susceptible to or something that is able to limit your freedom to respond to life.

Your state of health is actually perfect for who you are, who you could become, and those life experiences that have been brought to you. These life experiences help you become aware of your limitations and transform them into strengths as well as acquire the knowledge of who you have the potential to be. Seeing the healing process in this way can eventually change everything about healing.

A homeopathic, holistic concept of susceptibility extends to everything that is happening to you. Your Vital Force seems almost limitless in its ability to be aware of this balance of power between you and what life brings you. The Vital Force also has the ability to make a perfect response to what is being encountered. If this were not true, the experience of applying the Law of Similars would not be what it is. Our potential for healing seems to equal our potential for suffering symptoms.

The Homeopathic View of Symptoms and Disease

The world and your experience of living in this world appear to be designed as a school where the curriculum is about transformational evolution. The evidence indicates that what is needed for your successful progress through the school of life is being provided to you.

  • First, a stress brings into your awareness your current state of limitation.
  • Second, a most efficient healing process (symptoms) occurs under the direction of the Vital Force.
  • Third, the Law of Similars has been provided to assist in speeding healing and achieving the goals of healing.
  • Fourth, various specific substances are provided in this world to assist in applying the Law of Similars to make healing a quicker and more comfortable graduation into the next highest version of yourself.
  • Last, by becoming aware of who you are and what forces you are able to take advantage of in expanding to reach your full potential, the time that you spend in the healing process can be reduced to a minimum.

It is logical that symptoms have to be uncomfortable. Without the stimulus of symptoms, we would lack the motivation to evolve into greater awareness of the full potential available to us. Healing is more effective when you utilize the enormous capability and power of these natural forces. These forces are part of you but beyond the power of your conscious mind.

One extra benefit of learning this view of the healing reality is that it becomes much easier to be forgiving towards those events or people that trigger your symptoms. These triggering events are actually serving you by highlighting your awareness of areas where you are limited in your freedom. Without their input, you would not be stimulated to reach the next highest level of your potential. Once they have brought this limitation into your awareness, your natural inner guidance will take over to direct healing.

Instead of damming these outside influences, you may now be better able to release any anger you feel towards them and start to move in a positive direction. You will move along much faster in reaching your evolutionary potential when you come from a place of thankfulness or forgiveness.