Find Your Solution

The question of whether your remedy response is curative or palliative relates to how long treatment will be necessary and whether the remedy chosen is a good match for just your skin condition or the remedy fits a more holistic picture of you.

When a remedy matches the symptoms of your skin condition quite well but not all of your other symptoms or traits, it is likely to palliate or just control the skin symptoms. In this case, the treatment may need to be continued as long as the underlying cause of your symptoms is still present or while the aggravating factors that bring out your symptoms are still acting.

Determine Curative or Palliative Remedy

You will find out if your remedy is palliative or curative when you stop taking the remedy after the original symptoms subside.

If the remedy is only palliative in its actions, the symptoms may return after stopping the remedy. If the remedy seems to be palliative, it would be recommended to look for another remedy that better matches your totality of symptoms.

If your remedy is curative and your skin symptoms have been removed, stopping the remedy should not result in the symptoms returning.

A remedy that is more curative will tend to have very broad effects. In addition to removing the skin complaint, it is often associated with additional benefits such as better energy, better sleep, more balanced moods, better memory and other general characteristics of good health.

Next Steps in Using A Curative Remedy

After the skin symptoms have cleared using a curative remedy, it is more likely that the remedy can be stopped and the general benefits will remain. This will be the case unless you experience a significant increase in the level of stress that caused the skin symptoms in the first place. In this case, resuming use of the same homeopathic remedy in a higher potency will likely clear the symptoms again.