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The homeopathic prescription is always individualized according to each patient’s symptoms, sensitivity, and vitality. There is no one remedy for any one disease.

The prescription will be individualized in three ways:

  • The remedy is matched to the patient’s symptoms
  • The potency of the remedy is matched to the patient’s sensitivity and vitality, which represents a general measure of your natural rate of healing
  • The time interval between doses is individualized according to the patient’s response

In this video, Leonard Torok, M.D. discusses homeopathic prescriptions and explains how to take a homeopathic remedy.

Your First Prescription

When one of the skin experts at Trillium Creek Dermatology has chosen a homeopathic remedy for your symptoms, you will receive printed instructions on how to take your remedy. The first prescription will be based on an estimate of your sensitivity and the severity of your symptoms.

The first prescription represents a starting point and changes will be made to the prescription according to your response to the remedy. It is important that you notice changes in the intensity of any of your current symptoms as well as when they occur in relation to starting to take the remedy. This information will help us adjust the prescription to bring it into alignment with your sensitivity and your vitality.

, Homeopathic Prescription

To be cautious, we will generally start with a low potency of your remedy and increase the dose according to your response. In general, you will be provided with your remedy diluted in water. The remedy does not need to be refrigerated. Alcohol has been added to the water to act as a preservative.

Storing the Remedy

Because the curative powers of a homeopathic remedy are an energetic influence on the body, they should be kept away from sources of high energy that might destroy their ability to act. Keep them away from microwaves and electric motors. Also, keep them from freezing and away from very hot temperatures (140 degrees and above). It is probably also best to not store them with things that have strong odors, such as in a spice cabinet, around aerosols, or aromatherapy.

How To Take The Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by a process of dilution plus succussion. Prior to taking each dose of the remedy, you should succus the bottle the number of times indicated on your prescription.

A dose of the remedy is a few drops of the liquid. This can be anywhere from two to five drops as a routine. That amount covers about 3/8ths of an inch on the glass dropper. When not administering a dose, keep the cap on the bottle.

Try not to contaminate the liquid remedy by touching the dropper to the tongue or touching the glass portion with your hands. The liquid should stay clear in the bottle. If it becomes cloudy at all, you will need to get a replacement. The remedy should easily maintain a shelf life for more than five years.

, Homeopathic Prescription

The drops of the remedy can be placed anywhere in the mouth. For parents treating small infants, just place the drops in the open mouth or on the lips.

Do not eat or drink anything besides water for fifteen minutes before or after taking your dose of the remedy.

The remedy can be taken any time of the day. Morning is slightly preferable.
It is more important that you keep the time interval between doses approximately the same.