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Being bipolar is natural and useful. The concept of the usefulness of being bipolar is presented as a helpful adjunct to the section on the purpose of disease. Being bipolar is about being aware. Homeopathy presents an alternative reality to understanding the meaning of symptoms and a completely different view of what disease and the healing process represents. To make a radical change in your perception of reality, it helps to examine how your awareness functions.

Determining Value of Bipolarism : Questionnaire

The following set of 5 questions and answers illustrates how being bipolar is of value:

  1. If you awake in your bedroom this morning and the temperature in your bedroom was 15 degrees Fahrenheit would your bedroom feel cold or warm?
    Answer = cold
  2. Imagine a situation where every minute of your entire life, wherever you were, it was always 15 degrees F. In this imaginary situation, would the temperature of 15 degrees F be cold or warm?
    Answer = it would be neither cold nor warm. 15 F would just be what is. If no change in temperature was available for you to experience, you could not discern either cold or warm.
  3. Can you describe air for me? Not a breeze of air or an odor in the air or cold or warm air, just the air itself.
    Answer = not very well, as we do not have adjectives to describe air.
  4. Why do we not have words that describe air?
    Answer = because you have never lived in a vacuum or experienced the absence of air. Every time you go to take a breath, air is there. The opposite pole of the absence of air is not available to contrast with your perception of air. Air exists as one pole. The opposite of air is not available to contrast with the experience of air. We do not have an easy ability to be aware of those things that do not have a contrasting pole.
  5. Last, imagine a situation where every minute of your total life experience, you were completely, ecstatically happy and never knew anything but complete happiness. In this imaginary situation, are you likely to know that you are happy?
    Answer = in this situation, you are not very likely to know you are happy. The opposite pole to happiness must exist for you to be able to know the state of happiness. It is only the experience of sadness that allows you to know happiness. Actually, the experience of sadness contains within it the gift to you of being able to know happiness.

As hot and cold exist as two opposite poles of temperature, also sadness and happiness exist as two opposite poles of a specific type of emotional state. When either of the two poles changes, its opposite pole changes in the opposite direction. As you get less hot, you get cooler. As you become less sad, you become happier.

How A Biopolar Viewpoint is Useful

, Being Bipolar

The usefulness of being bipolar in allowing awareness relates to the concept of healing as described in the video on the purpose of disease. The homeopathic experience of healing fits comfortably with the concept of the usefulness of the bipolar experience of awareness.

When the two poles of anything are very unequal, it creates a state of limited response. For example; if a person is strongly depressed, their happiness will be very low. When they experience anything in life, their likely response will be one of sadness, because happiness is not a readily available choice for them. Happiness exists within them as a potential state but will not often or easily be realized. If in this imbalanced situation of excess sadness, you apply the Law of Similars and give the homeopathic form of sadness to the patient, the Law of Similars lessens their sadness and increases their happiness.

While under the influence of the homeopathic form of sadness, the patient will continue to have life experiences, but now with a different ratio of the two opposite poles. Happiness becomes more available as a potential response to life’s circumstances. Then, as life happens, learning occurs through the experience of expressing what was previously a potential state, now as a real choice. A new and different set of beliefs and perceptions has become available. In this type of healing, it is beneficial to become aware of both the decrease in one pole and the increase in its opposite pole.

The key to permanent self-healing is becoming aware of yourself as having more than one response to a life experience. As the two poles begin to approach being equally available for your choosing, you will now experience the state of freedom to choose how you respond to life.
A better possibility or choice now becomes available instead of the limited state where how you respond to life is pre-determined for you.

, Being Bipolar

The whole point to therapy done according to the Law of Similars is to become aware of the next highest version of yourself where you have more power in choosing your response to life. Improved health (or the lessened need for symptoms) is associated with this state of freedom or lessened limitation.

In any situation where you are limited to less than your full capacity to respond to a life event, your Vital Force will create the ideal symptoms to assist you in becoming aware of this limitation. The symptoms actually point out the perfect response that takes you in the direction towards freedom and health. The Law of Similars works in concert with this mechanism of natural evolution. This natural, evolutionary force or design is given to you as part of the state or condition of life. It is expressed at a level of your being the homeopaths call the Vital Force. The results of this evolutionary force will be expressed as something physical or substantive but the originating source is not measurable or localizable.

This quandary leaves us with some things that are unknowable and beyond our conscious control. But we still can learn rules to apply to our experience which have a cause and effect relationship that can result in health and freedom of expression. The bipolar nature of awareness and the Law of Similars both have within them an essence of duality where equal and opposites exist with one another. Law of Similars suggests that the two opposite poles of any quality (what something can both cause and cure) exist simultaneously as potentials within either a physical substance or its homeopathic equivalent.