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Ohio Holistic Medicine (OHM)

Ohio Holistic Medicine Medina, OH
5779 Wooster Pike, Suite C
Medina, Ohio 44256
P: 330.721.9990
F: 330.662.0258
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, Ohio Holistic Medicine, OHM

Ohio Holistic Medicine (OHM) is an alternative therapy center located within the tranquil surroundings of Trillium Creek. Directed by Leonard J. Torok, M.D., our expert staff has been trained in healing techniques that guide you to the right combination of drug-free therapies. The OHM center is a great resource for cancer patients, dermatology and holistic medicine in Ohio.

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Trillium Creek Dermatology, Ohio Holistic Medicine (OHM) – Your trusted destination for Dermatology Holistic Medicine in Medina, Wooster, Wadsworth and Brunswick, Ohio.